Process of Self Hypnosis Technique

Self Hypnosis Techniques

Self Hypnosis Techniques

Self hypnosis technique is one of the best ways to help ourselves from bad habits that we practice every day. It is also good for someone who has an illness because it will let his mind free from stress.

Whenever you allow yourself from concentrating on something for about half an hour, you are also allowing yourself to become free from bad thoughts and depressing thoughts in your everyday life. This is the reason why some psychologists and psychiatrists allow this self hypnosis technique to help us increase our self confidence and live in this world with a more relax feeling.

How are we going to do this self hypnosis technique?

  • You have to set your goals first. Why are you going to involve yourself in this self hypnosis technique? Example of goals are gaining self confidence, relaxation, and freeing you from negative vibes.
  • After setting your goals, you can start with your first activity. Everything relies on how you are going to focus. Teach your mind to focus on the things that you are seeing, example, focus on the dirt or spot that you see in the ceiling or stain you see in the table. Try to materialize the reason of its existence. Look for three specific things.
  • After seeing things around you, you can now focus on the things that you hear in your environment. It can be cars driving outside your house, some utensils in your kitchen or some soft music in your radio. All you have to do is focus your mind by the use of your ears.
  • The next thing that you need to use is your sensitivity. Focus on the things that touch your skin. It can be the rough or smooth feel of the clothes that you are wearing.

You can now start mastering all these self hypnosis techniques.

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Self Hypnosis Techniques